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    A Great Place to Raise a Family

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    A True "American Home Town"

Hello and welcome to Orwigsburg!

A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

The Borough of Orwigsburg is small town America. One of our major strengths as a community is our small-town charm in a fast-paced environment. With only 3106 residents, many families have known each other for generations. The local economy is strong, and local crime is low. Infrastructure is maintained and operational with a proximity of a roads network to PA Route 61, Interstate 78 and Interstate 81. 

Orwigsburg is a great Pennsylvania community. It has a strong and dedicated work force, the residents are caring and supportive of each other, and it seems that even Father Time moves at a more relaxed pace.


December Workshop Agenda:  Agenda Draft 20221207 Work Session Meeting.pdf

UPDATED NOTICE: 2023 Budget Proposals:        

2023 General Fund Budget Proposal.pdf

Alternate General Fund Budget w/o Trash: 2023 01-General Fund Budget Proposal Rev 01.pdf

2023 Fire Fund Budget Proposal.pdf

2023 Water Fund Budget Proposal.pdf

Corrected typo for 2023 Water Fund Budget: 2023 06-Water Fund Budget Proposal Revised.pdf

2023 Sewer Fund Budget Proposal.pdf

Added Sanitation Fund Budget: 2023 09-Sanitation Fund Budget Proposal.pdf

Schuylkill County is under a drought warning until further notice.

Please use water wisely and reduce your water usage by 5% to 10%

Water Conservation Tips

Trash & Recycling Issues

The hauler is having problems keeping trucks out on the road due to lack of drivers. County Waste covers a large number of municipalities in Schuylkill County, and all are experiencing the same issues.

We continue to call, and work closely with their dispatchers, to ensure trash and recycling is picked up.

And, on top of all this, they have become more strict on the cleanliness of the recycling. All recycling needs to be washed and rinsed of all food debris, and only the allowed items are to be placed into recycling. No bags, no aluminum foil, etc. or they pass it by.

The days are remaining the same for pick-up, and it is expected that the cans will have to sit out until it is finally picked-up.

Borough of Orwigsburg Basement Auction

Orwigsburg Borough Basement Auction

For Sale: The Borough is selling four teller floor safes, and associated money drawers. In addition, there are a couple extra tower drawers for sale. There is also 3/4", structural plywood, equivalent to approximately (5) 4'x8' sheets.

If interested, please send a sealed envelope with the item(s) you are interested in, along with the price per item you are bidding on.

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