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The Borough offices have moved to our new location at 333 South Liberty Street, next to Boyer's Market.

The drive-up window, lane #1 is open for your use in paying utility bills. In addition, the walk-up lobby window is also available. Also, the payment drop box is now attached to the front of the building, to the left of the front door.

Hello and welcome to Orwigsburg!

A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

The Borough of Orwigsburg is small town America. One of our major strengths as a community is our small-town charm in a fast-paced environment. With only 3106 residents, many families have known each other for generations. The local economy is strong, and local crime is low. Infrastructure is maintained and operational with a proximity of a roads network to PA Route 61, Interstate 78 and Interstate 81. 

Orwigsburg is a great Pennsylvania community. It has a strong and dedicated workforce, the residents are caring and supportive of each other, and it seems that even Father Time moves at a more relaxed pace.



PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Borough Council of the Borough of Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, will receive public comment and consider for adoption at a meeting duly called and held within not less than seven (7) days nor more than sixty (60) days from the date of the advertisement of this Notice, at Orwigsburg Borough Hall, 209 North Warren Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, an Ordinance entitled: AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE BOROUGH COUNCIL OF ORWIGSBURG BOROUGH TO IMPOSE AND DESIGNATE A SPEED LIMIT OF 25 MILES PER HOUR FOR MOTOR VEHICLES ON BOROUGH ROADWAYS WITHIN ORWIGSBURG BOROUGH; PROVIDING CERTAIN DEFINITIONS; PROVIDING THE MANNER IN WHICH SAID SPEED LIMITS SHALL BE ENFORCED; PROVIDING FOR CERTAIN REPEALERS AND VALIDITY; AND ESTABLISHING THE EFFECTIVE DATE. The title of the Ordinance provides a brief summary of the Ordinance in reasonable detail. A copy of the full text of the proposed Ordinance is available for public inspection during regular Borough business hours at Orwigsburg Borough Offices, 333 South Liberty Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

PactOne will complete the small sewer extension work, with manhole replacement, on Ridge Road tomorrow 4/18 (just west of the intersection with Marshall Drive). Residential traffic may experience some delays in this area; work crews will do their best to accommodate and/or re-route vehicles during this work.

Also, PactOne will begin sewer main replacement work on Station Rd. on Monday, weather permitting. Local detours will be in effect on Station Road.

The Borough is receiving calls about people on private property taking picture and ringing doorbells. These are the assessors.

Please see: https://schuylkillcountypa.gov/departments/tax_assessment_office/reassessment.php

and https://www.vgsi.com/schuylkill/ 

NOTICE: Sewer Collection System work will continue in January
Work consisting of, but not limited to, the replacement of approximately 5,200 LF of sanitary sewer main, 30 manholes, 75 laterals, and cleanouts along Marshall Drive and Ridge Road, and North Warren Street and Station Road, respectively. The project also includes the lining of approximately 410 LF of sanitary sewer main and lining of 3 manholes. Road closures and detours will be in effect.
Work will be on-going, weather permitting until spring 2024.

Sanitary Sewer: Things you always wanted to know but never asked.

We all have questions about our sewer system, but never ask. We are hoping to share some helpful facts about one of our most important resources.

A sanitary sewer building lateral is the extension from the building sewer outside the inner face of the building wall and extending to the public sewer or other place of disposal. The building lateral belongs to the owner of the property, making it the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. When a home is constructed, the builders must connect the building lateral to the sewer main which is known as “tapping”. The process of tapping also has an associated fee which is meant to pay for and secure a portion or share of the sewage and/or water capacity needed in the collection, conveyance, and treatment facilities. It is considered a “buy in” to the sanitary sewer system and payment for facility costs not funded by user rates.

The Borough receives several calls annually about sewage back-ups into property owner’s homes. The most common reason for these back-ups can be traced to tree-roots. Roots of plants, shrubs, etc. will seek out a water source, particularly in dry weather, and in many cases will intrude into the building lateral. Significant tree root intrusions can cause sewer back-ups on your property as well as blockages in the Borough’s sewer mains. The Borough maintains these sewer mains, but the building laterals are the homeowner’s responsibility. It is a common misconception that the property owner’s responsibility ends at the house/building trap (a device fitting normally found up to 5 feet outside the inner face of the building wall that prevents circulation of air and/or noxious gases from the building sewer to the building drain). However, this is not the case as the homeowner’s responsibility is on both sides of the trap and extending out to the property line.

Many homes in the Borough have building laterals made of tera-cotta (or vitrified clay) pipes. Tera-cotta was a very common industry standard pipe component used during the time of installation for the Borough’s sanitary sewer system. These pipes, by their very nature, have joints that over time can allow easy access for roots to enter and grow into the pipe. Once the roots enter and become established the “root-balls” grow as more and more water and nutrients are absorbed. Almost anything flushed down a toilet, or disposed of down a sink, can get hung up leading to a clog that could force sewage back into the home.

To prevent these potential clogs from happening there are several items that should never be disposed of down a sink or toilet including tissues, paper towels, sanitary napkins and tampons, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, etc. In addition, never pour oil or grease down the sink. While it may go down the drain as a liquid, this grease will thicken and harden as soon as it encounters the cold pipes underground This hardened grease will adhere to the inner walls of your building lateral causing a restriction in flow which could also lead to sewer back-ups.

There are times when the Borough discovers large quantities of grease in the sewer main. This build-up can cause numerous issues within the Borough’s sewage collection system. To help combat this issue, commercial establishments in the Borough are required to install and maintain grease traps. Residents are also asked to do their part to prevent blockages and encouraged not to pour oils and greases down the drain.

Tori Morgan, LO 

Director of Funding, Regulatory Relations & Compliance Entech Engineering

Meeting Agenda (Community Essentials):       

                        2024 Budgets

2024-01 General Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

 2024-03 Fire Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

2024-04 Recreation Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

2024-06 Water Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

2024-08 Sewer Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

2024-09 Sanitation Fund Budget Draft Public.pdf

Please use water wisely and reduce your water usage by 5% to 10%

Water Conservation Tips

Trash & Recycling Issues

The hauler has changed to Anthracite Waste Management.

The days for pick-up have remained the same except a small portion of Market Street.

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