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Building/Zoning Codes

The Borough Code Enforcement Officer is Shannon Darker of ARRO Consulting. Permits are needed for numerous projects under the Uniform Construction Code. Questions may be directed to Shannon Darker ARRO Consulting at: (570)-366-9534

The intent of the Borough’s building codes and zoning laws is to protect public safety, health, and welfare. A permit application may be secured at the Borough Office.

You may download a Zoning Application and the Schedule of Fees below.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Public Hearing of the Borough Council of Orwigsburg Borough shall be held on March 13, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. at the Orwigsburg Borough Council Chambers, 209 North Warren Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of receiving public comment on the following Ordinance: AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOROUGH OF ORWIGSBURG TO AMEND THE ORWIGSBURG BOROUGH ZONING ORDINANCE BY DELETING THE DEFINITION OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND ADDING THE DEFINITIONS OF AGRICLUTURE, ANIMAL EQUIVALENT UNIT (AEU), RAISING OF LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY, CONCENTRATED ANIMAL FEEDING OPERATION (CAFO), CONCENTRATED ANIMAL OPERATION (CAO), AND KEEPING OF NON-COMMERCIAL LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY; AMENDING SECTION 6.02F TO EXCLUDE RAISING OF LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY; AMENDING SECTION 6.12A TO INCLUDE RAISING OF LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY;  ADDING A NEW SECTION 10.39 RELATING TO KEEPING OF NON-COMMERCIAL LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY; ADDING A NEW SECTION 10.41 RELATING TO RAISING OF LIVESTOCK OR POULTRY; AND PROVIDING FOR A REPEALER, VALIDITY AND THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE ORDINANCE. The title of the Ordinance provides a brief summary of the Ordinance in reasonable detail. Following the hearing, the Board of Supervisors will consider enactment of the Ordinance at a public meeting to be held not more than sixty (60) days from the second date of publication of this Notice. A complete copy of the full proposed text of the proposed Ordinance may be examined by any citizen of Orwigsburg Borough at the Orwigsburg Borough Office, 333 south Liberty Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, on any business day during Borough business hours, and at the Schuylkill County Law Library, Schuylkill County Courthouse, Pottsville, Pennsylvania, during its business hours.

  • 2024-Orwigsburg-Borough-Zoning-Application-Packet.pdf

  • Orwigsburg-Boro-SWM-Appendix.pdf

  • Orwigsburg-Boro-SWM-Ordinance.pdf

  • Orwigsburg-Borough-Zoning-Ordinance.pdf

  • Street-Opening-Permit-Appl.pdf

  • SWM_Appendix.pdf

  • Zoning-Hearing-Board-Application.pdf

  • Zoning-Map.pdf

Building Codes and Permit Applications

Borough Council has adopted the Uniform Construction and the International Property Maintenance Code. Building permits may be required before beginning renovations or new construction. To find out if a permit is needed please contact Shannon Darker, Building Code Official, 570-366-9534. Shannon.Darker@arroconsulting.com

Permit and code files can be downloaded below

  • 2022-Orwigsburg-Borough-CSD-Ordinance-Application-Packet.pdf

  • 2024-Orwigsburg-Borough-UCC-Permit-Application-Packet.pdf

  • Agreement-to-Build-Fence.pdf

  • Residential-Deck-Constructin.pdf

  • SALDO-Fees-Resolution-No-2024-21.pdf

  • Street-Opening-Permit-Appl.pdf

Floodplain Ordinance

In order for our property owners to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program our Floodplain Management Ordinance had to be updated. The updated Floodplain Ordinance can be found below.

  • ord_416.pdf

  • Ord_445.pdf

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance regulates land use in the Borough. Zoning Permits are required to install fences, swimming pools and many other projects. Zoning Permits may be obtained from Shannon Darker, Building Code Official, 570-366-9534. Shannon.Darker@arroconsulting.com

A copy of the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map may be found below.

  • MAP-adopted-zoning-july-2010-11x17-6-.pdf

  • Orwigsburg-Borough-Zoning-Ordinance.pdf

  • Street-Opening-Permit-Appl.pdf

Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision and Land Development activities are regulated through the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). Along with the Zoning Ordinance the SALDO is designed to ensure that development that takes place is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan adopted by Borough Council in 2007.

The SALDO can be found below.

  • Ord-409.pdf

  • Ord-410.pdf

  • Ord-412.pdf

  • Ord-427.pdf

  • Ord-428.pdf

  • SALDO-Fees-Resolution-No-2024-21.pdf

  • SALDO_Combined.pdf

  • Zoning_Combined.pdf