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Community Reports

Borough Newsletter

The Borough publishes a newsletter four times each year. The newsletter contains information on Borough services and updates on the activities of our local non-profit organizations. A copy of the newsletter is mailed to each resident of the Borough and additional copies are available at the Orwigsburg Library, Thomas Pharmacy, M&T Bank, Santander Bank, Healthy Habits, Susquehanna Bank and Riverview Bank.

You may download the newsletters below.

  • Newsletter-Aug-2022.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2022.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2022.pdf

  • Newsletter-November-2021.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2021.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2021.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2021.pdf

  • Newsletter-Nov-2020.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2020.pdf

  • Newsletter-June-2020.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2020.pdf

  • Newsletter-November-2019.pdf

  • Newsletter-Nov-2018.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2019.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2019.pdf

  • Newsletter-FEB-2019-.pdf

  • orwigsburg_nov2013.pdf

  • orwigsburg-may-2014.pdf

  • orwigsburg-aug2014.pdf

  • Newsletter-November-2017.pdf

  • Newsletter-November-2016.pdf

  • Newsletter-November-2015.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2018.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2017.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2016.pdf

  • Newsletter-May-2015.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2018.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2017.pdf

  • Newsletter-February-2016.pdf

  • newsletter-feb-2015.pdf

  • newsletter-feb-2014.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2018.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2017.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2016.pdf

  • Newsletter-August-2015.pdf

Consumer Confidence Reports

Each year the Borough provides a report to our residents with information concerning our public drinking water system. The report is available at the link below, with a hard copy also available at the Borough Office and the Orwigsburg Public Library.

You may download these reports below.

  • 2021-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report-1-.pdf

  • 2020-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report-1-.pdf

  • 2019-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2018-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2013-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2014-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2017-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2015-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf

  • 2016-Annual-Drinking-Water-Quality-Report.pdf