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Borough Ordinances

This page contains an index of Borough ordinances as well as a file download area

PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Borough Council of the Borough of Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, will receive public comment and consider for adoption at a meeting duly called and held within not less than seven (7) days nor more than sixty (60) days from the date of the advertisement of this Notice, at Orwigsburg Borough Hall, 209 North Warren Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, an Ordinance entitled: AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE BOROUGH COUNCIL OF ORWIGSBURG BOROUGH TO IMPOSE AND DESIGNATE A SPEED LIMIT OF 25 MILES PER HOUR FOR MOTOR VEHICLES ON BOROUGH ROADWAYS WITHIN ORWIGSBURG BOROUGH; PROVIDING CERTAIN DEFINITIONS; PROVIDING THE MANNER IN WHICH SAID SPEED LIMITS SHALL BE ENFORCED; PROVIDING FOR CERTAIN REPEALERS AND VALIDITY; AND ESTABLISHING THE EFFECTIVE DATE. The title of the Ordinance provides a brief summary of the Ordinance in reasonable detail. A copy of the full text of the proposed Ordinance is available for public inspection during regular Borough business hours at Orwigsburg Borough Offices, 333 South Liberty Street, Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

Downloadable Ordinance Files

Check the index to determine which file(s) to download below

Ordinance No Ordinance Description
461 Amending the Zoning Ordinance for Animal Husbandry
460 Recreation Tax
459 Vacant Properties
458 Cable Franchise Agreement
457 Amendment to the Borough Zoning Ordinance - adds Solar
456 Re-stating the Lease Agreement with the Municipal Authority
455 Abandoning a portion of Albert Drive
454 Confirming Marshall Drive as a Public Street
453 General Obligation Note 425k for S Liberty St
452 Amend Ordinance #438 Bond to include water projects
451 Vacate portions of streets in upper Cresswell Acres
450 Ordinance authorizing the Borough of Orwigsburg and the N Manheim Township to share equipment personnel for road construction and repairs
449 Ordinance Allowing for and regulating small wireless facilities within the public rights-of-way Act 50 of 2021
448 Ordinance Amending the street Ordinance No.326 Amended by Ordinance No.439 Establishing time limitations for certain loading and unloading zones
447 Ordinance General Obligation Note 750k for Capital Improvements(Memorial Building)
446 Ordinance Fire Protection Services Appropriation tax 1.0 mill
445 Ordinance Floodplain Management Act 1978
444 Ordinance establishing & implementing a program to charge user fees to recover cost for Fire Station 56
443 Ordinance North St being 40ft. in width extending eastwardly from & perpendicular to Perry St.
442 Ordinance Amending the Borough's Rental Property Inspection Ordinance
441 Ordinance Amending the Zoning Ordinance - Creating a New Zoning "Village Overlay District"
440 Ordinance Amending and Restating the Open Burning Ordinance
439 Ordinance Amending Street Ordinance 326 to One Side Parking on Perry St.Loading & Unloading on S Warren St
438 Ordinance Authorizing Issuance Bond not to exceed $15MM
437 Ordinance Issuance General Obligation Note $75K
436 Ordinance Amendment of the Police Pension Plan
435 Ordinance Amendment of the Non-Uniform Pension Plan
434 Ordinance Vacating paper Streets Jones St
433 Ordinance Fixing 2019 Tax Rate 10.5 mills
432 Ordinance for Rental Inspections
431 Ordinance 2018 IPMC
430 Ordinance Fixing 2018 Tax Rate 9 mills
429 Ordinance Parcel 56-09.0039.000 Eminent Domain
428 Ordinance Amending SALDO
427 Ordinance Amending Zoning Ordinance
426 Ordinance Fixing 2017 tax rate 6.00 mills
425 Ordinance Repealing Ord #257 OPD residency requirement
424 Ordinance for Rental Inspections
423 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2016 5.00 mills
422 Ordinance for the Authority Lease
421 Ordinance Borough Manager amendment - reside within 10 miles DELETED
420 Ordinance Bond issue Water & Sewer
419 Ordinance Amendment to Zoning Map - Eubert
418 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2015 3 mills
417 Ordinance Borough Manager
416 Ordinance Flood Plain
415 Ordinance amending 326: traffic regulations stop signs: S. Liberty. N. Walborn Ave. One way Walborn Ave. NO Parking Zone: E Market St (Greens)
414 Ordinance Police - Pension ( PMRS)
413 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2014 3 mills
412 Ordinance Amendment to Zoning Ordinance
411 Ordinance Cable Contract (Comcast)
410 Ordinance amending SALDO - language - section 707A
409 Ordinance Amend Zoning Ordinance - off-street parking- commercial district
408 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2013 3 mills
407 Ordinance Vacating Decatur Street
406 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2012 3.00 mills
405 Ordinance EIT/Net profit tax
404 Ordinance PMHIC
403 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2011 2.84 mills
402 Ordinance Orwigsburg Borough Storm Water Management & Earth Disturbance
401 Ordinance Amendment to the Orwigsburg Boro SALDO
400 Ordinance Amendment to the Orwigsburg Boro Zoning Ordinance
399 Ordinance Surcharge sewer rates: roof leaders, floor drains, sump pumps
398 Ordinance New Sidewalk Construction & Repair
397 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2010 2.84 Mills
396 Ordinance Establishing a Local Services Tax
395 Ordinance for Rental Property Inspections
394 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2009 2.84 Mills
393 Ordinance Outdoor Furnaces
392 Ordinance Open Records Policy
391 Ordinance Amendment to Zoning Ordinance Section 10:21 (Rhodes)
390 Ordinance Annexation of Albrights Woods
389 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2008 2.84 Mills
388 Ordinance Fire Loss - Insurance proceeds
387 Ordinance Schuylkill County Drug Task Force
386 Ordinance PMRS - Police pension change
385 Ordinance Zoning Map Change - I1 to I2 Bzura
384 Ordinance amending ordinance 326 - E. Mifflin St & Perry St stop signs
383 Ordinance Dedication of S. Liberty St
382 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for 2007 2.84 Mills
381 Ordinance to Adopt International Property Maintenance Code
380 Ordinance Union Bank Financing - Water Project
379 Ordinance to vacate paper alleys - S. Wayne St, Sherman St, Grant St
378 Ordinance for amending zoning ordinance - section 5.02, 10.28, 12.01
377 Ordinance to Join Susquehanna Municipal Trust
376 Ordinance to amend ordinance 375
375 Ordinance Water Filtration Plant project - issuance - revenue bond
374 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for fiscal year 2006 2.84 Mills
373 Ordinance for Water Filtration Plant improvement - issuance of revenue note - interim financing
372 Ordinance amending zoning ordinance 318 - Estab. Max. height limitations, retirement comm.
371 Ordinance vacated
370 Ordinance PMRS benefit change -
369 Ordinance Fixing tax rate for fiscal year 2005 2.84 Mills
368 Ordinance amending zoning ordinance - add-deleting & revising text
367 Ordinance adopting Intermunicipal Agreement. - establish board of appeals - UCC
366 Ordinance amending zoning ordinance, map and comp planning program R-E
365 Ordinance adopting and to administer the Construction Code Act 45
364 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for fiscal year 2004
363 Ordinance number is reserved
362 Ordinance amending official Zoning Map and Comprehensive Plan and adding a new zoning district entitled R-E District
361 Ordinance is vacant
360 Ordinance amending Ordinance 340, BOCA Property Maintenance Code
359 Ordinance is vacant
358 Ordinance is vacant
357 Ordinance amending Ordinance 294 which prohibits street obstructions, exempting contractors holding a valid building permit to park or place trailers on any street, alley of way within the Borough at the job site
356 Ordinance amending Ordinance 318 the "Orwigsburg Borough Zoning Ordinance" by adding, deleting and revising portions of the text for the Ordinance
355 Ordinance fixing tax rate for fiscal year 2003
354 Ordinance Amending Ordinance #352 allowing a Sinking Fund to be established at First Federal Bank for Water Loan
352 Ordinance approving increasing indebtedness of the Borough by the issuance of a Guaranty of Debt to be incurred by the Orwigsburg Municipal Authority
351 Ordinance fixing tax rate for fiscal 2002 2.84 mills
350 Ordinance is vacant
349 Ordinance approving increasing indebtedness of the Borough by the issuance of a Guaranty of Debt to be incurred by the Orwigsburg Municipal Authority
348 Ordinance ratifying and confirming streets in Ridgeview as public streets
347 Ordinance fixing tax rate for Fiscal 2001 2.84 Mills
346 Ordinance prescribing number of household pets allowed
345 Ordinance ratifying and confirming Lawrence St
344 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for the fiscal year 2000
343 Ordinance trash dumpsters
342 Ordinance defining and regulating street excavation, fees and forms utilities, trees / shrubbery
341 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for the fiscal year 1999
340 Ordinance maintenance of all property, building and structures
339 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for the fiscal year 98
338 Ordinance to Vacate an Unopened Portion of Jones Street
337 Ordinance to Vacate an Unopened Portion of Decauter St
336 Ordinance for Rezoning Areas in the Borough for the property of Abe Cramer and Celia Faust
335 Ordinance for Rezoning Areas in the Borough for the property of Clair Stoyer
334 Ordinance Setting the Compensation of Tax Collector
333 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 1997
332 Ordinance Providing for the Assessment of Attorney's Fees and Establishing a Schedule of Fees Incurred in the Collection of Delinquent Accounts
331 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 1996
330 Ordinance Amending Ordinance 318 - Zoning Ordinance by Adding, Deleting and Revising text
329 Ordinance Amending Ordinance 318 - Zoning Ordinance (rezoning)
328 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 1995
327 Ordinance Providing for Highway Emergency and Snow Removal in the Borough and Providing Penalties Thereof
326 Ordinance Describing Parking and Traffic Regulations and Prescribing Fines thereof:
325 Ordinance Requiring bicycle Operators to wear helmets
324 Ordinance fixing Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 1994
323 Ordinance to change Benefits in the Penna Municipal Retirement System
321 Ordinance is vacant
320 Ordinance Pursuant to act 98 of 1992 Providing that in Certain Fire Losses the Insurance Company, Association or Exchange shall Transfer Insurance Proceeds to a Designated Officer of the Municipality as a Portion of the Insurance Proceeds to be held as Security Against the Total Cost of Removing, Repairing, or Securing the Damaged building, Providing for Fees, Providing for Penalties for Violation and Setting Forth Procedures and Requirements Pertaining to such Insurance Proceeds and to the Implementation of Act 98 of 1992 in Orwigsburg Borough.
319 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for the Fiscal Year 1993
318 Ordinance Limiting and Restricting to Specified Zones and Regulating Therein Building and Structures According to their Construction and the Nature and Extent of their use and the Nature and Extent of the Uses of Land and the Exercise of such Authority, Subject to the Provisions of Law
317 Ordinance Amending the Orwigsburg Borough Subdivision Control Ordinance Originally Enacted on September 20, 1967, Regulating the Subdivision and Development of Land including Mobile home Parks within the Borough of Orwigsburg, Providing for the Preparation of Preliminary and Final Plans for such Purpose; Requiring certain Improvements to be made or Guaranteed to be made by the Subdivider and Developer; Regulating Sales of Lots, Erection of Building, Laying Out, Construction Opening and Dedication of Streets, Sewers, Other Facilities, and Public Improvements in Connection with Subdivision and Land Developments; and Prescribing Penalties for the Violation Thereof.
316 Ordinance Amending Ordinance #280 Relating to the Appointment and Removal of the Borough Manager
315 Ordinance is vacant
314 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for the Fiscal Year 1992
313 Ordinance is vacant
312 Ordinance is vacant
311 Ordinance Proclaiming the Necessity for Water Conservation as Required by the Delaware River Basin Commission
310 Ordinance Establishing Rates, Deposits, Charges and Establishing Rules and regulations Applicable to Consumers Served or to be Served by the Water Department of the Borough of Orwigsburg, and Fixing the Effective Date and Applicability of such Rules and Regulations; and Superseding Ordinance # 165, 231, 236, 263, 265, and 275.
309 Ordinance Limiting the use of Skateboards in the Borough
308 Ordinance if vacant
307 Ordinance Amending the Zoning Classification from Industrial (I) to Medium-Density Residential (R-2) for the Property Identified on the Tax Map as Parcel #56-2-126 in the Borough of Orwigsburg and Amending the Official Map Reflect the Change in Zoning Classifications
306 Ordinance Providing for the Reimbursement for Extraordinary Expenses and Services, and the Administration of the Collection of Fees as Reimbursement for those Services and Expenses
305 Ordinance Setting Fees for False Alarms
304 Ordinance Amending Ordinance #303 to Create a Sinking Fund, Appoint a Bank as Sinking Fund Depository and to Authorize the Borough Manager to Contract for the Services of Sinking Fund Depository in Accordance with the Provisions of Section 403 of the Local Government Unit Debt Act.
303 Ordinance Increasing the Non-Electoral Indebtedness of the Borough of Orwigsburg, by the Issue of a Guaranteed Revenue Note in the Amount of Two Million One Hundred Sixty-Five Thousand Four Hundred Forty-one ($2,165,441.00) Dollars for the Purpose of Financing the Construction of a Water Filtration Plant and Extension of the Drinking Water Supply System of the Borough; fixing the form Thereof, Number, Date, Interest and Maturity Thereof; Making a Covenant for the Payment of the Debt Service on the Note; Providing for the Filing of the Required Document, and Authorizing Execution, Sale and Delivery Thereof:
302 Ordinance Setting Forth Compensation for the Mayor of the Borough of Orwigsburg
301 Ordinance Setting Forth Compensation for the Members of the Borough Council of the Borough of Orwigsburg
300 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for the fiscal Year 1991
299 Ordinance for Controlling Animal Defecation on Public Property, Prescribing Penalties for Owners Who Allow Animals to Leave Excrement on Public, or Other Person's Property: and Allowing for Certain Exceptions.
298 Ordinance Prohibiting the Keeping of Animals Making Disturbing Noises, Prescribing Penalties for Violation, and Certain Exceptions.
297 Ordinance Electing to Join the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System Under article IV of the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Law: Agreeing to be Bound by all Provisions of the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Law as Amended and as Applicable to Member Municipalities Joining Under the Provisions of the Article: Stating Which of Certain Options Permitted Under the said Law are Accepted by the Borough
296 Ordinance Amending Ordinance #268
295 Ordinance Amending Ordinance #194, 214, and 227 of the Borough of Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, and providing for a Fee for Building permits.
294 Ordinance Prohibiting Street Obstructions: Establishing Definitions and Findings and Determining the Purpose Hereof: Authorizing Removal and Impoundment of certain Objects: Requiring Payment for Removal, Storage and Reclamation Charges and the Recording Thereof: Restricting the removal of certain objects: and Prescribing Penalties for Violation
293 Ordinance Adopting a Municipal Drug Task Force Agreement with the Office of Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Enforce Narcotics Safety and Welfare of the Community
292 Ordinance Establishing the Minimum Regulations Governing the Conditions and Maintenance of all Property, Building and Structures; by Providing the Standards for Supplied Utilities and Facilities and other Physical Things and Conditions Essential to Insure that Structures are Safe, Sanitary and fit for Occupation and use; and the Condemnation of Building and Structures Unfit for Human Occupancy and use and the Demolition of such Structures; known as the Property Maintenance Code.
291 Ordinance requiring the numbering of Houses and Buildings in the Municipality and Prescribing Penalties for Violations
290 Ordinance amending Ordinance #175, the Subdivision Ordinance
289 Ordinance amending Ordinance #195, as amended by Ordinance #215, the Zoning Ordinance
288 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1990
287 Ordinance Prohibiting the Discharge of Firearms and Other Weapons within the Borough, Restricting the Use of Bows and Arrows, and Prescribing Penalties for said Violations
286 Ordinance for Firearm and Ambulance Personnel Extended Duties
285 Ordinance for PIRMA/Pool Insurance
284 Ordinance Setting forth Flood Plain Requirements
283 Ordinance amending Ordinance #216 - Solid Waste Collection
282 Ordinance Setting compensation of Members of the Borough Council
281 Ordinance Setting Compensation of the Mayor
280 Ordinance Creating the Office of Borough Manager
279 Ordinance Vacating North Wayne Street
278 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1989
277 Ordinance amending Ordinance #216 relating to Sanitation and for the Protection of the Public Health and Safety
276 Ordinance amending Ordinance #158 Increasing the Membership of the Planning Commission
275 Ordinance amending Ordinance #147, 222, 240, 243, 165, 231, and 263 to provide for a Schedule of Fees for Sewer, Solid Waste and other Municipal Services
274 Ordinance Setting Forth Compensation of the Members of Borough Council
273 Ordinance Setting Forth Compensation for the Mayor
272 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1988
271 Ordinance Providing for the Levying, Assessments and Collection of a Tax for General Revenue Purposes upon a Transfer of an interest in Real Property
270 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1987
269 Ordinance Restricting Fires and Open Burning
268 Ordinance for the Adoption of the 1986 Sewer Management Plan
267 Ordinance amending Ordinance #175 to Prohibit On-Lot Sewage
266 Ordinance amending Ordinance #177 prescribing Parking and Traffic Regulations
265 Ordinance amending Ordinance #236 for Enforcement of Water Connection
264 Ordinance amending Ordinance #146 to provide Enforcement of Sewage System Connection
263 Ordinance amending Ordinance #231 for Water Rentals
262 Ordinance Fixing the tax Rate for 1986
261 Ordinance Vacating a Section of North Wayne Street
260 Ordinance Requiring Permit to Build in Flood Plain
259 Ordinance requiring Renter or Lessor to Report all Tenants to Borough Office
258 Ordinance Establishing Compensation for Tax Collector
257 Ordinance for Requirement of Residence for Police
256 Ordinance of Indebtedness for $300,000 for Sundry Purposes
255 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1985
254 Ordinance providing for the collection of Amusement Tax
253 Ordinance providing for the assessment and collection of Per Capita Tax
252 Ordinance fixing the Tax Rate for 1984
251 None
250 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1983
249 Ordinance providing a repeal of Section 2 of Ordinance #178
248 Ordinance granting cable service in Borough
247 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1982
246 Ordinance authorizing the Borough to join with other Local Governments for purpose of purchasing shares of trust
245 Ordinance providing a curfew for minors
244 Ordinance providing use of electrical and mechanical devices for control of speed
243 Ordinance amending Ordinance #240 for Penalty on Garbage Collection
242 None
241 Ordinance amending Ordinance #168-Transfer from Grandparents to Grandchildren
240 Ordinance fixing the Collection Fee for Garbage
239 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rater for 1981
238 Ordinance authorizing the Incurring of Nonelectoral Debt by the Borough for funds for Improvements to the Water Supply and Distribution System
237 Ordinance amending Ordinance #172 for Mobil Homes
236 Ordinance Requiring the Connection to Public Water
235 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1980
234 Ordinance amending Ordinance #177 Regulating Parking on the Streets
233 Ordinance indicating the Explanation of Dangerous Structures
232 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1979
231 Ordinance amending Ordinance #165--Water Rentals
230 Ordinance amending Ordinance #175--Additional requirements in Flood Prone Areas
229 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1978
228 Ordinance amending Ordinance #195 increasing the fee for the Zoning Hearing board
227 Ordinance amending Ordinance #194 and Ordinance #214 providing Building Permit Fees
226 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1977
225 Ordinance pertaining to vacating a section of North Wayne St
224 Ordinance entering the Borough Police into a contract with the County Police Communications Center
223 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1976
222 Ordinance amending Ordinance #147 imposing Sewer Rentals or Charges for use of Sewer
221 Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for 1975
220 Ordinance providing for the Speed Limit on Borough Streets
219 Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance #195
218 Ordinance Authorizing a Joint Agreement with other Municipalities for operating a Sanitary Landfill
217 Ordinance fixing the Tax Rate
216 Ordinance relating to the Sanitation and Protection of Public Health
215 Ordinance limiting and restricting buildings to specified zones and regulating penalties
214 Ordinance amending Ordinance #194 providing fees for building Permits
213 Ordinance fixing the grade of N Warren St
212 Ordinance amending Ordinance #191 relating to the manner of curb construction
211 Ordinance extending the levy assessment and collection of a Per Capita Tax for 1973
210 Ordinance amending Section 6 and 11 of Ordinance #147 redefining prohibited wastes and providing penalties for violation of the ordinance
209 Ordinance fixing the salary of the Mayor of the Borough to $500.00 per year
208 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1972
207 Ordinance amending Article IV Section 6 of Ordinance #177 for one side parking only on Mifflin Street
206 Ordinance amending Section 11B of Ordinance #147 prescribing penalties for the violation of the rules and regulations under said ordinance
205 Ordinance electing to join the Municipal Police Retirement Fund
204 Ordinance amending #177 raising parking fines to $2.00
203 Ordinance granting franchise to T.V. Communications Corp
202 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1971
201 An amendment to Ordinance #174 - Increasing fines to not less than $10.00 or more than $25.00
200 An amendment to the Zoning Ordinance - Application for variances exceptions or appeals
199 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1970
198 Ordinance establishing a Police Department
197 Ordinance approving a petition for annexation of a section of West Brunswick Township
196 Earned Income Tax Ordinance
195 A Zoning Ordinance for the borough
194 Ordinance requiring that a permit be obtained before erecting, razing, or altering any building
193 Ordinance regulating peddling and peddlers
192 Ordinance requiring owners to repair and maintain curbs and curbing
191 Ordinance providing for the manner of construction of curbs and fixing the minimum requirements
190 Ordinance establishing certain streets as public streets: Church Cherry Stephens Grant Harmon Perry Long Ave Marshall Drive Eisenhower Drive
189 Resolution honoring PFC David F. Heiser as the first Orwigsburg casualty in the Viet Nam War
188 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1969
187 Ordinance establishing a ""No Parking"" zone on Liberty Street"
186 Ordinance authorizing and directing an agreement for joint operation planning and supervising of community recreation services"
185 Ordinance establishing the cartway width and right-of-way width of Market Street
184 Ordinance relating to grass weeds and other vegetation"
183 Ordinance regulating and restricting outdoor fires in the borough
182 Ordinance laying out opening adopting ordaining and accepting the following streets: Clark Drive Eisenhower Drive Macarthur Drive Macarthur Crest and Pershing Drive"
181 Ordinance providing for the removal and impounding of illegally parked motor vehicles
180 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1968
179 Ordinance laying out, opening, adopting and accepting certain streets in Cresswell Acres
178 Ordinance providing for the sale of a tract of land situated in the borough
177 Ordinance prescribing Parking and Traffic Regulations in the borough
176 Ordinance providing for Highway Emergency and Snow Removal in the borough
175 Orwigsburg Borough Subdivision Regulations
174 Ordinance prohibiting disorderly conduct within the borough
173 Ordinance providing for the appointment of a certified public accountant to audit Borough accounts
172 Ordinance regulating the placement and maintenance of mobile homes located in the borough
171 Ordinance approving and establishing grades and structures for improvement on South Liberty Street
170 Ordinance amending Ordinance #128 - Construction of service transmission lines in the borough
169 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1967
168 Ordinance providing for a tax on the transfer of real estate in the borough
167 Ordinance providing for the levy assessment and collection of a Per Capita Tax"
166 Ordinance providing for a tax on amusement devices in the borough
165 Ordinance establishing rates, rules and regulations for consumers served by the Water Department
164 Ordinance establishing the salary for the office of Borough Manager
163 Ordinance establishing grades and structures for improvement on Washington Street
162 Ordinance approving and establishing the width of South Liberty Street
161 Ordinance establishing and regulating a Recreation Board for the borough
160 Ordinance providing for a tax on the transfer of Real Property in the borough
159 Ordinance creating the office of Borough Manager and prescribing his powers and duties
158 Ordinance creating a Department of Borough Planning in charge and directed by Borough Planning Commission
157 Ordinance placing a tax on every resident over 23 years of age
156 Ordinance governing amusement devices and tax to be collected
155 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for 1966
147 Ordinance governing sewer rentals and liens
146 Ordinance providing for a sewer system for the borough

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  • Ord-237.pdf

  • Ord-236.pdf

  • Ord-235.pdf

  • Ord-234.pdf

  • Ord-233.pdf

  • Ord-232.pdf

  • Ord-231.pdf

  • Ord-230.pdf

  • Ord-229.pdf

  • Ord-228.pdf

  • Ord-227.pdf

  • Ord-226.pdf

  • Ord-225.pdf

  • Ord-224.pdf

  • Ord-223.pdf

  • Ord-222.pdf

  • Ord-221.pdf

  • Ord-220.pdf

  • Ord-219.pdf

  • Ord-218.pdf

  • Ord-217.pdf

  • Ord-216.pdf

  • Ord-215.pdf

  • Ord-214.pdf

  • Ord-213.pdf

  • Ord-212.pdf

  • Ord-211.pdf

  • Ord-210.pdf

  • Ord-210-A.pdf

  • Ord-209.pdf

  • Ord-208.pdf

  • Ord-207.pdf

  • Ord-206.pdf

  • Ord-205.pdf

  • Ord-204.pdf

  • Ord-203.pdf

  • Ord-202.pdf

  • Ord-201.pdf

  • Ord-200.pdf

  • Ord-199.pdf

  • Ord-198.pdf

  • Ord-197.pdf

  • Ord-196.pdf

  • Ord-195.pdf

  • Ord-194.pdf

  • Ord-193.pdf

  • Ord-192.pdf

  • Ord-191.pdf

  • Ord-190.pdf

  • Ord-189.pdf

  • Ord-188.pdf

  • Ord-187.pdf

  • Ord-186.pdf

  • Ord-185.pdf

  • Ord-184.pdf

  • Ord-183.pdf

  • Ord-182.pdf

  • Ord-181.pdf

  • Ord-180.pdf

  • Ord-179.pdf

  • Ord-178.pdf

  • Ord-177.pdf

  • Ord-176.pdf

  • Ord-175.pdf

  • Ord-174.pdf

  • Ord-173.pdf

  • Ord-172.pdf

  • Ord-171.pdf

  • Ord-170.pdf

  • Ord-169.pdf

  • Ord-168.pdf

  • Ord-167.pdf

  • Ord-166.pdf

  • Ord-165.pdf

  • Ord-164.pdf

  • Ord-163.pdf

  • Ord-162.pdf

  • Ord-161.pdf

  • Ord-160.pdf

  • Ord-159.pdf

  • Ord-158.pdf

  • Ord-157.pdf

  • Ord-156.pdf

  • Ord-155.pdf

  • Ord-148.pdf

  • Ord-147.pdf

  • Ord-146.pdf