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A new sanitation contract starts January January 1, 2023



Trash Pick-up is the same except for


Residential Single Stream Recycling Program 


Orwigsburg Borough residents are reminded that Anthracite Waste Services – your trash/recycling/large item waste collector – has made a change to the bi-weekly RECYCLING schedule.

Deviating from the normal every-other-week, recycling pick-up will occur made in consecutive weeks – February 20 & 23 and February 27 & March 1 pick-ups – and will then continue bi-weekly collection, starting March 12 & 15.

Trash & Large Item pick-up have not changed. See attached for the 2024 calendar schedule.

2024 GARBAGE.pdf- Printable Copy of the Schedule

Weekly Garbage Pickup

Regular trash consists of up to six bags of garbage and up to ten bags of leaves or lawn rubbish. Small tree limbs can be bundled

Monthly Large Item Pickup

One large item may be place at the curb beside your regular trash per month. The collection date is the second Tuesday & Friday of each month. Please place trash at the curb anytime after 6 p.m. one  evenings prior to collection. 


Construction materials may not be placed at the curb with your regular trash. You must get a dumpster for all construction items. You can apply for a dumpster permit at the Borough office. Dumpster-Permit.pdf Fee is $20.00 .

Please do not place Electronic items at the curb with your regular trash. Please visit Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste for more information.

Holiday Trash Collections

Anthracite Waste Holiday Schedule:

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.  If the holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday, trash or recycling pickup will be delayed on day and will be moved to Wednesday. Friday pickup will move to Saturday. If the holiday fall on Wednesday thru Friday the Tuesday pickup will not be affected. But, the Friday pickup will move to Saturday. 

To all Orwigsburg Residents:

Just a brief note to update you regarding our single stream recycling program.

  • Thank you to all who have cooperated in using our program
  • By following the informational flyer that was provided to all residents last Fall, our compliance with guidelines has significantly improved.
  • County Waste has requested that we follow 3 guidelines more closely
  • All items placed in the bin are to be loose, NO BAGGING
  • No STYROFOAM, it is not a recyclable in their program
  • Be careful not to accidently put WET ITEMS, TRASH, or GARBAGE in the recycle bin
  • Fall and Spring are good times to rinse out your recycle bin. Flush it out and let it dry before placing recyclables in it.

Note: Have you have misplaced or need another copy of the acceptable Recyclable Items Chart and Program Guidelines?

They are posted on our website. Go to Orwigsburg.gov home page.  then “Services” then “Garbage-Recycling” tabs and scroll down.

Copies are also available at the Borough office.

All residential locations in Orwigsburg are entitled to have their recyclable items collected on a biweekly basis from contractor provided containers. Recycling is contracted as part of our Borough waste/trash collection program. 

Background of the System: 

1. In addition to our weekly trash collection program, every other week our contractor, GFL Co., collects residential recyclables that are placed curbside in the green lid collection container they provide. 

2. Single stream recycling means that acceptable items can all be put into one collection container for mechanical system separation at the recycle processing facility. 

3. Each year, hundreds of tons of our recyclable materials are repurposed rather than buried in a landfill. 

4. In addition to saving landfill space, recycling reduces the overall consumption of our diminishing natural resources. 

5. While the program is encouraged by the community, participation is voluntary. 

The System – Please RECYCLE. Your help is needed

1. What is a recyclable? The Acceptable versus Not Acceptable items list originally on lids of containers has become outdated. Closely following the attached chart will increase the volume of true recyclables collected and reduce the volume of unrecyclable items erroneously collected that have to be separated from all items collected and subsequently sent to the landfill. 

2. Where can I get future updates? The chart as well as the latest County Waste pick-up schedule are available at the Borough office as well as on the Orwigsburg Borough web site at  http://orwigsburg.gov/garbage-recycling/. Check from time to time for updates. 

3. How does the collection system work? Recycle pickups are made using a manually loaded truck or a truck equipped with a powered gripping arm that lifts and dumps the container into the truck. For this to work efficiently several things are requested to be done by residents:

     a. IMPORTANT: Do not bag, bundle, or box any recyclables that are placed in the container. All items should be loose. No bags, twine, strings, or ropes.
b. Only fill the container to the point where the lid closes completely. This prevents wind from blowing items from the container prior to pick up or during the dumping process.
c. Place the container curbside with the wheels side away from the street.
d. Remove the container from curbside as soon as practical after collection, especially on windy days.
     e. You must resize all recyclables for them to fit within the closed container. Any items outside of it will automatically be picked up by ‘trash’ collection   crew and will not be recycled. On pickup days when you have more items than the container can hold with the lid closed, consider holding the items until the next scheduled pickup. Or, consider having a reciprocal agreement with a neighbor to share their excess container space if this happens occasionally.

4. Recycling Container Maintenance: On an as needed basis, rinse out your container to prevent odors and pest attraction.
5. Container sizes: There is only one sized container; the typical size is 96 Gal.
6. Container sharing: For those addresses that have very a little volume of recyclables, consider asking a neighbor if you can share their container. This may be appropriate for the elderly or apartments where a cooperative neighbor would be willing to share their normally excess container space with you. It will also reduce the number of containers to be stored in the neighborhood.
7. Non-Participant: To have your container and address removed from the recycle program, call customer service.
8. For any additional information, contact Borough Hall

Recycle Items Chart

  • Recycle-items-chart.pdf

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